It's a gaming blog, so while I could stand to lose more than a few pounds, and to be nicer to people, that's not the sort of resolutions I'm after here.

This year, I intend to:

  • Play more - I do a lot of fiddling with systems, a lot of tinkering, a lot of kibitzing with folks who are actually playing, but I rarely get the time to actually play the game. I've already begun this one, with a character building session (and non-binding system introduction) for a Runequest 6 game on Hangouts, so I'll all but have to have more gaming this year than 2013 or the past couple years.
  • See how the other half lives - I have some pretty specific preferences in games, but I recognize that the other styles of play aren't wrong so much as just different in intention. A bit of play in a narrative game wouldn't hurt me. And as much as I chafe in a class-based system, there's something to be said for playing games using a system that thousands of people are playing every day rather than only focusing on the ones that best suit me, and are played by tens of people. So, perhaps Pathfinder will find it's way onto my schedule as well.
  • Write! - Not just here, but for Pyramid. I'd like to make the time to get something together and slip it under the nose of +Christopher R. Rice and his writers' group. I suspect I might write for other audiences as well, but that'll likely wind up here first, as I don't know if there's such an open and welcoming venue for other ideas.
  • Create a Game - Having been finally introduced to Fudge, the most meta of meta-system systems, I find myself interested enough to move from simple tinkering to a more robust game creation mode. Leveraging those rules and that rudimentary base system seems like a good way to get started with such a system, tailored to my own tastes, and see if anyone else finds it compelling.


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