On Choosing a Game System: Your Mother Was Right

Having a good-natured discussion with +Chris Mata and +Jeffro Johnson about game systems, and the impact of too many versus too few rules, when I was led to an epiphany.

Chris has moved to a view where he'll play whatever games strike his fancy, and whatever the community around him will support. I'm still looking for one system upon which to hang my hat, to make my forever-home, and upon which to focus my attention.

And it hit me - I'm Looking for Mister Right.

And all of a sudden, all of the life lessons I had growing up about dating and relationships came flooding back. And isn't it funny - the ones that worked best for me applies to both situations. First, I was told to "get out there and date - don't worry about finding someone to be with forever, just find someone you like to spend time with and do just that." That sounds remarkably like what Chris is doing with his gaming, now doesn't it?

Then, later, I stumbled onto "stop looking - if you aren't looking, and are just happy, you'll be more attractive to someone else who sees your contentment." So, is that why nobody wants to play with me? Am I too clingy and needy? Does my passion for detail and rules-heavy monsters of the gaming world make me look inaccessible? It may well be...

So, taking this epiphany to heart, I will accept that I'm not necessarily going to find Mister Right, and just get out there and start dating - there's a local group that wants to play a Champions game, and invited me to come play. And regular Pathfinder and D&D games at the local game store. Maybe if I go there, I'll find some other kindred spirits who are interested in trying something new, and I'll get to break out one of my unpopular pet games after all...


  1. "There are plenty of other fish in the sea...!"

    What ends up getting played is that subset overlap between what I'm willing to run and what folks are willing to play. I only found out what that was through a tremendous amount of trial and error.

    1. sadly +jeffro that subset can be quite small sometimes....

  2. I'll take the people over the system any day. I'd rather play in a D&D group full of people I like than in a GURPS group where all we have in common is a liking for GURPS.

    Which isn't to say I won't try to convert them to GURPS. I like to think that my Man in Black work helps here, letting people try GURPS with no commitment except a few hours of time and find out that it really isn't that scary.

    1. I became a GURPS convert for some settings learly in 2012. I ran GURPS:Traveller and enjoyed the hell out of it. I wouldn't call my story traditional Traveller fare but all parties involved enjoyed it.


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