I'm back!

Okay, so we're not fully moved in to our new place. As it turns out, whoever joked that we'd need a 38 foot semi to move our house wasn't far off - it took a totally full 24' truck the first time and most of a 16 footer the second time to get it all across country. But it's all in the same state now (though the second truck remains to be unloaded) and we're formally in our new digs.

That means two things - one, I need to find a local gaming group in Milwaukee that'll play something other than D&D or Pathfinder; and two, I need to start writing on this blog again.

During my absence, I've played around a bit. I've read like crazy when the time allowed and I've discussed my issues with systems and problems with the way that play proceeds. But every time I still come back 'round to GURPS as my home system, so I intend to get some house rules together to help solve some of my issues with it.

I've been considering the rules I intend to use to finally run my Krail's Folly campaign - perhaps online, keep your eyes out for that - and I need to finalize those as well to make for relatively easy GMing going forward.

So, look for more activity here. For Jeffro, I'll go back to posting on Friday's about science fiction gaming - both wargaming of the Starfleet Battles and Starmada type, and RPGs like Traveller, as well as how to make a go with generic systems. I'll be finishing up my write-up of Runequest 6th Edition, as I think there's a great deal there to cogitate upon. And I hope to bring other great content along for the ride.

It's good to be back.


  1. Welcome back!

    Last time I was in Milwaukee, GenCon still happened there.

    1. Thanks. I know there was more action here back in 2000, when we last lived here, but Gen Con was already on the way out, and I wasn't gaming so didn't know what I was missing out on.

      There are a few game stores left, but mostly focused on board games and card games, and D&D and analogues. We'll see what they can provide in the way of support.

  2. You know... I have never *played* GURPS... Time permitting, I may join!


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