Lately I've felt like I really want to play, or even GM, a game. But when I sit down to do any planning or thought about it, I find myself thinking about how to get together a bunch of players and the ennui sets in.

I'm beginning to wonder if what I want to do is less playing RPGs than it is writing fiction of my own. 


  1. My comment vanished (please delete if there is a duplicate).

    If writing makes more sense, then just go ahead! You may find that at some point you'd like to give control to some of your characters. Your players will get the best pre-gen characters in town!

  2. I've run GURPS at cons... but I really think the main reason I actually get B/X onto the table lately is that it's practically zero prep.

    But do please post some fiction to your blog.

  3. Well, all fiction needs an audience, so I'd be foolish not to post it here. I've got some thoughts, so I hope to eventually have some time!

  4. I'm fortunate to have one really amazingly good regular group, and another that's still pretty darn good. They don't always go for my more way-out campaign ideas, but they do keep things interesting. (Not to mention keeping me on my toes - one group gets through adventure material about twice as fast as any other group I've played with, which means I can't get away with under-preparing. It's good for me as a GM...)

    1. You know, that's really the issue for me - getting the right group together. And making it work with my schedule and theirs.


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