Delays, delays!

I have so many things to write about, but on a whim I chose yesterday as the day I would start to watch the "modern" episodes of Dr. Who. You see, I'd been a holdout - a Tom Baker stalwart - and had opted not to get on the bandwagon back in '05 when they started in again.

Well, instead of writing anything or doing anything much with gaming or the blog, I've watched the entire Eccleston season through, and am four episodes into David Tennant. I must say, it's better than I'd thought it would be - quite engaging more often than not (though with a few misfires along the way) and I've softened my position on this new Doctor quite a bit. I'm not sure I'm the rabid fan that many of you are, but I guess I am a fan.

And I can't help but think that many of you are jealous that I have all those seasons to watch, still - all that heretofore unexplored territory. Don't worry, I'll be caught up soon enough, and lamenting the need to wait for new episodes to arrive, just like I did with my late arrival on the Firefly train.

Ah well, back to it then. Going to get my way through Season 2, Episode 4 : School Reunion and then, finally, hit the sack.


  1. As a fan of the old stuff, I started off enjoying the new series, but it soon went downhill for me (just about at the point where you are now, in fact). Opinions differ wildly, of course, and there are lots of people who are enjoying it right up to the present day.

  2. Love it or hate it, there are now teeming masses that are fully instructed into the premises of the Whovian mythos. And they have no idea that rpg adventure plots lifted from Tom Baker episodes are at all dates or mouldy.

    I think it was the second Matt Smith season that lost me, but I do remember some significant groaners before that.

  3. Yes, the fan base is significantly larger than when it was a low-budget kid's show, cheaply imported for play on the local PBS station.

    And four episodes in to Tennant, I'm already missing Eccleston and dreading Smith.


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