Update re:House Rules

First and foremost, I've added another one, and no surprise it's another one from T-Bone. He initially called it DECIDE, but the long and the short of it is that you must declare your intention to take an active defense, with all of the options you intend to apply, before the attacker makes his roll. Eliminates the near-psychic "I knew you'd never hit me, so I just stood still like John Wayne and waited for the bullets to pass" phenomenon.

Spent some more time on the MyGurps.com website as well, and that thing is full of useful goodness. All manner of house rules that just make sense to me.

By the time I implement all of the fun stuff from the various Alternative GURPS Pyramids, plus the ones from RPK at MyGurps.com, and then tack on a few more directly from T-Bone's site, my own version of GURPS will require a rewrite of the damn rulebook!


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