Taming of the Eastlands: The map, revealed.

When I set about the initial draft of the sandbox campaign that +Douglas Cole has dubbed Krail's Folly [but bears the more prosaic Taming of the Eastlands title in my notes], I didn't have much of a map in mind. But I did cook one up when the time allowed, and sat on it for a while, unsure if I wanted to expand upon it or make changes to it. It has stayed the same since then, and so I reveal it now. I'll try to remember to take it to the office tomorrow and get a legitimate scan.

Apologies for the rough cellphone pic...
There, off to the left-center, there's a tiny black dot. That is the location of the village of Frostharrow, until recently a sleepy berg where local farmers and loggers went to trade their wares for necessary finished goods and other imports. Now it's the center of attention of the whole kingdom as parties of adventurers and opportunists make their way into the Eastlands.

Immediately east lies a truly vast forest, known only as The Verdant. It's a home to small but hardy groups of loggers and woodsmen, and more circumspect bands of hardened bandits. It's nearly a hundred miles as the crow flies from the western edge to where it opens onto the eastern plains.

To the north, the Granite Halls are made up of sheer cliffs and bluff-faces, tall and impenetrable but for the dozens, maybe hundreds of naturally formed caves. Legends say that the caves run for hundreds of miles, north and notably down. Some day down all the way to Hell.

In the south of the Eastlands you'll find an inland sea whose name has been lost to antiquity. It's foul and brackish, alkaline and salty, with a pair of rivers running there to the Sea of Glass to the south, by way of the Gray Marshes.

Farthest east, along the unlabeled Broken Coast you finally reach the Salten Sea, where the tides and the winds conspire to wreck any ship that tries to make land, or even come within sixty miles of the rocky coast. There are more than a handful of abandoned and broken ships on the reefs there, doubtless haunted by the shades of the sailors that met their demise there.

So, who's up for a bit of adventure in the Eastlands?

Update: By the Gods! Have a look back at the new maps that are forthcoming.


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