Apologies for all the Theme Bouncing

If every time you've visited the site (and thank you if you have), it's looked different, I apologize. I'd been trying to use a very nice little dynamic theme only to find that some of you couldn't ever see the comments, and sometimes you couldn't even see the text of the entries themselves.

I'll try to keep it on this simple theme for a while until they work out the kinks in the dynamic themes.


  1. I've been able to read everything, but I'd just like to say I find reading white text on a black background to be a chore.

  2. Agreed, the black background and white text was awful. This is better.

  3. Thanks, I think I'll park it here like this for a week or so, and see what happens. I may find a better theme out there than those that are included in the Blogger app by default.


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