I've always had a thing for the underpowered, mish-mash characters

I've been reading many blogs either devoted to, or at least often containing content about, GURPS. A very popular genre is Dungeon Fantasy - think old school dungeon delves with plenty of ass-kicking and not so much worry about how the monsters and treasure got there in the first place.

I had been looking at the various archetypes and realized I wanted to try my hand at my oldest favorite - the Fighter/Cleric/Magic User, in AD&D parlance. So I combined the Knight, Wizard and Cleric templates, divided by three, and, well, you decide...

ST 11 DX 13 IQ 14 HT 12
Basic Speed 6.00 Basic Move 6
Basic Load 24 Damage: 1d-1/1d+1
HP 11 FP 12 Will 14 Per 14

Appearance (Attractive); Magery 1; Clerical Investment; Power
Investiture 1; Musical Ability 1; Voice; Elven Gear; Combat Reflexes;
Weapon Bond (Broadsword); Enhanced Parry (Broadsword) 1; 
Resistant to Evil Supernatural Powers +3

Sense of Duty (Nature); Curious (6); Code of Honor (Soldier); Sense
of Duty (Coreligionists); Weirdness Magnet

[10] Spells (Clerical, 13-): Minor Healing; Light; Lend Energy; 
Armor; Stop Bleeding; Vigor; Shield; Bravery; Sense
Life; Thunderclap
[10] Spells (Wizard, 13-): Apportation; Haste; Itch; Spasm; Daze;
Foolishness; Simple Illusion, Sound, Complex Illusion;
Perfect Illusion
[2] Hidden Lore - Magical Writings IQ/14
[2] Alchemy IQ-2/12
[4] Thaumatology IQ/14
[4] Innate Attack - Jet DX+1/15
[1] Hazardous Materials - Magic IQ/14
[1] Exorcism W-2/12
[4] Esoteric Med (Holy) P/14
[1] First Aid IQ/14
[2] Theology IQ-1/13
[1] Religious Ritual IQ-2/12
[1] Occultism IQ-1/13
[1] Brawling DX/13
[4] Shield DX+2/15
[8] Broadsword DX+2/15
[8] Bow DX+2/15
[2] Stealth DX/13
[2] Climbing DX/13
[1] Observation P-1/13

EDIT: I just noticed I have 4 points in Innate Attack (Jet) and no spells that use this anymore. I will have to rethink either getting Flame Jet back into his spell list, or reapportioning those points into something else interesting or useful.


  1. I'd play that character.

  2. You'd get the same Parry by ditching Enhanced Parry and putting those points into Broadsword, plus a slight edge in offense.

    Speaking as someone who's currently playing a Mage/Cleric in an ongoing campaign, this is actually a somewhat annoying character to play. The effective double cost of Energy Reserve really hurts.

    1. How does that interact with Weapon Bond, increasing the skill to 16? I'd have thought that'd raise my parry as well?

    2. Ah, I missed the Weapon Bond.

      Skill-15, Weapon Bond, Enhanced Parry == Offensive Skill-16, Parry-12 (O-15/P-11 with any other sword)
      Skill-16, Weapon Bond == Offensive Skill-17, Parry-11

      It's a pretty straightforward offense for defense swap, with the caveat that the Skill-16 is better if the Bonded sword is broken / stolen / replaced by Excalibur. The Swashbuckler in my F2F game has traded out his Bonded sword twice and the 1 point Perk is getting quite expensive.

    3. I wonder if Weapon Bond would be better received if you paired it with Named Possession, so the weapon itself can gain experience?


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