I'm old enough now that I feel compelled, when dealing with my tabletop gaming habit, to select One Game to Rule Them All. That game, for me, always comes down to GURPS.

I've tried many others - Hero System, Savage Worlds, BRP, Traveller, Pathfinder, Shadowrun - without ever being as happy as I am with GURPS. Some of them aren't generic systems, and fail on that account. Some of them are just broken enough, in ways that stick in my craw, to make me crazy on the level of mechanics. GURPS strikes the right balance of simulation - focusing attention on trying to make things make sense, and have as few odd cases where things break down - and on breadth of subject matter, to work out as a solitary choice for the gamer who has to shepherd his time and not squander it on a dozen different systems.

To that end, I'm throwing my hat in the ring of recently minted GURPS bloggers, and hoping to be able to say some things, or at least generate some conversation, that helps others to understand how the game can be made to work to serve their needs.


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