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GURPS Dungeon Fantasy - Bringing the Hack and the Slash

People who have gamed with me for any length of time know one thing for sure - I have an unreasonable and unending love for all things GURPS, and have since first edition. As such, the current Kickstarter for Dungeon Fantasy powered by GURPS has me, well, excited doesn't begin to cover it. Coming at the same time as I have begun to replace my GURPS PDFs with hardbacks, well, I'm just wallowing in point-buy, 3d6 resolution, hyper-detailed gaming.

Dungeon Fantasy is a setting that rewards being able to put big numbers on the board when it comes to damage, and provides enormously powerful (and therefore physically strong) character templates with which to do so. Normally, some of the best weapons for the job are difficult to use at best, but with the right combination of tweaks become remarkably flexible tools of wanton destruction.

The holy grail of damage dealing, when it comes to pseudo-medieval melee combat, is a weapon that combines swing damage with the impaling wound multi…

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